What are the Pros and Cons of Porcelain Crown?

Published on March 15 2021

According to the experts, most people have damaged teeth due to several reasons including tooth decay, injuries, or with passing time they are losing their teeth’ shape. 

You are fortunate that there is a solution to the problem. 

The appearance of a Dental crown is similar to tooth-shaped caps. Dentist Around Me places the crown over your tooth. The crown is cemented into the affected area to cover the visible portion of the tooth.


There are a variety of dental crowns and each type has its own unique advantages. You can decide the suitability of the option by discussing it with your dentist at Dental Care Near Me.


Porcelain crowns:


Porcelain crowns are in high demand for many years as these perfectly match your natural teeth and provide a natural look. Their results are very effective and extremely beautiful. So, they have become the ultimate choice for restoration. 

Also, porcelain crowns do not conduct heat and cold very efficiently so there is no sensitivity problem for hot and cold foods. 


Advantages of Porcelain Crowns manhattan:


  • Increases aesthetic appearance by producing the most beautiful and natural-looking cosmetic results.
  • Helps in reducing temperature sensitivity.
  • The durability of a porcelain crown is more compared to others.
  • Their fitting is excellent due to the computerized CAD-CAM technology that ensures the aesthetics results.
  • They are effectively used in root canal treatments.
  • They are considered a great option for patients who are sensitive to metals.
  • They provide better strength to molars and premolars to increase the chewing ability.
  • Take less time in construction.


Disadvantages of Porcelain Crowns:


  • Porcelain is harder than tooth enamel so it is likely to damage the opposing teeth.
  • The possibility of being brittle and fracture in them increases as it is too thin or it is habitually flexed through the pushes produced by clenching and grinding.
  • If it is a full porcelain crown, it is thicker than tooth enamel that means a more healthy tooth structure requires it to be eliminated.
  • Full porcelain crowns are bonded to the teeth differently, so the procedure can extend the tooth sensitivity in some people. 


Since porcelain crowns comprise metal, most often it is not recommended for some patients who are allergic to metal. They should choose another type of replacement like Porcelain Fused to Zirconia.


Porcelain Fused to Zirconia and Full Zirconia:


Zirconia is a white crystalline oxide obtained from the metal zirconium. Its cubic form projects the diamond-like stone that is also referred to as cubic zirconia. It can be a perfect base for porcelain because its bonding process is stronger than its bonding with gold. Zirconia can also be painted to match teeth color and it is translucent.

Some of the benefits of zirconia may include like:


  • Equally strong and durable like gold but translucent to provide better cosmetic results.
  • Less sensitive than full porcelain bonding technology.
  • Less likely to get fractured than a fusion of porcelain with gold.  

If you have decided to have a tooth crown and you have chosen a porcelain crown, the discussion can make it easy to evaluate whether this option is better for you or not.

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